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Make sure every woman knows she has options.
Today Sponge is an alternative barrier method of contraception for women who cannot, or choose not to use hormonal contraceptives.

Today Sponge is 89-91% effective. In clinical studies, about 1 out of 10 women (9-11%) got pregnant during the first year of use when using this product correctly all the time. The possibility of getting pregnant increases to about 1 out of 7 (13-16%) women when this product was not used correctly.

Summary of Clinical Efficacy Study:
Today Sponge is 89-91% effective, what does it means?*
• Over 1,850 women used the Today Sponge over a 1 year period
• Over 230,000 acts of intercourse produced 179 pregnancies
• Translation: One Pregnancy for Every 1287 Acts of Intercourse

*McClure DA, Edelman DA. "Worldwide method effectiveness of the Today vaginal contraceptive sponge." Adv Contracept 1985; 1:305-311.

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How Today Sponge Works

Today Sponge Provides 3-Way Contraceptive Protection

1. Today Sponge blocks the sperm’s path.
2. Today Sponge absorbs sperm.
3. Today Sponge continuously releases an effective spermicide, nonoxynol 9, which quickly kills sperm on contact.

How to use Today Sponge

A complete Instructions For Use Leaflet can be found and downloaded via the link at the top right of this site. To help make using Today Sponge as safe and effective as possible there are a few steps you can remind your patients about.

When recommending to patients remind them to:

1. Wash their hands before inserting the Today Sponge
2. Soak the Today Sponge generously under water and squeeze very gently until nice and sudsy.
3. Insert the Today Sponge and push it against the cervix. Unlike tampons, the Today Sponge must be pushed all the way in to block the cervix.
4. Removing the Sponge is easier when the woman is relaxed. If tense or nervous, it may be more difficult to remove.
5. Leave Today Sponge in place for at least six hours after the last intercourse act (one Today Sponge is effective for 24 hours and multiple acts of intercourse).